Start or end your day on a positive note and bring excitement to your usual shower routine with our Aromatherapy Shower Bombs!

These handmade shower melts produces a refreshing fragrance that enticingly uplifts the spirits, deeply cleanses the palette and quickly melts away stress. As soon as a bit of water hits the shower bomb, it will emit the aroma and fill your shower room with the tantalizing scent. Drop one in your shower and get ready to let the fragrance slowly tease and envelop your senses.


Each of our Shower Steamers encapsulates the soothing properties of a different essential oil.

⬜ BREATH EASY - Open airways and soothe sore muscles with cooling EUCALYPTUS

⬜ SERENITY - Ease stress and prepare the body for a restful sleep with the help of calming LAVENDER

⬜ ENERGY and FRESH - Find your center and regain focus with zesty ORANGE Ginger and BERGAMONT essential oil.

⬜ CALM - Fight depression, Loosen body and mind with mood enhancing Moroccon ROSE essential oil

Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

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